The Astra Awards

About the Astra Awards

Our current slate of awards ceremonies, which includes the Astra Creative Arts Awards, the Astra Film Awards and the Astra TV Awards has honored Willem Dafoe, Dwayne Johnson, Angela Bassett, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Brie Larson, and Nicolas Cage, as well as several Film & Television casts, including Better Call Saul, CODA, RRR, and The Color Purple.

As part of our founding mission, which is to embrace and elevate inclusive voices within entertainment, the Astra Awards has always and will continue to ensure that new, diverse, and rising talent is recognized and celebrated at every ceremony.

We, at the Astra Awards, have had the pleasure of partnering with many notable companies including Petco Love, Chiat/Day, Sommsation: Wine Experts, Da Vinci Medical, Biltmore Los Angeles, Vahdam® Teas, William Grant & Sons, J'Adore Les Fleurs, and Heineken during our recent ceremonies and events. 

As we move into the future, we will continue to work alongside sponsors, partners, and with the support of major and independent studios and networks as we continue to grow and expand The Astras as a global brand. 

In fact, in addition to our annual award shows, we have begun our initial plans to launch a new content and programming division. Our plans as we embark into 2024 and beyond include the creation of an official magazine, conversation and screening series, podcasts, after-shows, and other industry and consumer-driven in-person and virtual events.

Our goal with creating original content and programs is to educate, entertain, and inspire those within the entertainment industry and audiences around the world. 

2024 Astra Film Awards Portrait Photo Gallery